Other Music - Music of a Higher Power
Music of a Higher Power
A radio show heard on 89.3 KZUM in Lincoln, Nebraska

Copyright 2003

Other Music has been in existence for almost ten years. Although always a production of KZUM, a one-hundred watt community radio station in Lincoln, NE, Other Music has been directed by several different hosts. While the single imperative goal of Other Music has been and always will be to let the unique tastes of each particular host dictate the musical and even emotional direction of individual shows, each host of Other Music understands that individual audience members experience a similar fulfillment of only slightly varying degree from hearing a successfully completed show. That fullfillment can be derived by any particular arrangement or inclusion of different artists by a singular host, but is derived specifically from the balance created by the individuality of the hosts' playlists, glued together to form a surprinsingly cohesive whole. Other than the individual selection of playlists, the hosts of Other Music allow leeway for opportunity to deviate from the mold by:

1) allowing any combination of the four current hosts to occupy the airwaves at any given show

2) giving the freedom of utilizing any number of media (i.e. vinyl, compact disc, cassette, live performance, or simliarly viable option) during the broadcast

3) encouraging random thematic arrangements by individual hosts or the entire group to manifest themselves on a single show or series of shows, especially concerning genres/styles of music or on-air banter between musical sets

4) welcoming guest hosts with similar but varying musical tastes and unique means of conveying an art form


Our playlists are rather varied, but we mostly delve into experimental types of jazz, electronica, rock, spoken word, and free-form improvisation.


e-mail: om_kzum@yahoo.com